How long can an SMS message be?

We differentiate between a single message’s length and a single text message’s length. Depending on the alphabet used in your SMS, a standard SMS can contain up to 160 characters. But you can send a complete message using our platform that contains a total of 1377 characters, which will require 9 SMS posts.

For a concatenated SMS the costs of each additional SMS will be charged. The table below illustrates the amount of SMS needed to send a message that corresponds to each amount of characters.

Number of SMS Maximum GSM characters Maximum Unicode characters
1 160 70
2 306 134
3 459 201
4 612 268
5 765 335
6 918 402
7 1071 469
8 1224 536
9 1377 603

Not all countries support concatenated SMS and might handle multi-part SMS in different ways. You can check if the country you want to send messages to does or doesn’t support concatenated SMS in our┬ácountry info & restrictions.

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