What are the different delivery status and their meanings?

After sending a message, its delivery status will be visible within the Message Overview. The table below shows you the different status, their meanings, and the actions you can take to solve any issues you may have.

Status Meaning Action
Delivered The message was sent, and we received a confirmation via the DLR (delivery report).
Not delivered We couldn’t send the message. Possibly the mobile number was entered incorrectly or (anymore) doesn’t exist. Check if the recipient’s mobile number is correct.
Sent The message has been sent, but we didn’t receive a delivery status yet. Possibly the device is switched off or has no connection.

This is a temporary status and will always change to either Delivered or Not delivered (within the validity time span*).

Is the device switched on and is the connection fine, but does the delivery status still show Sent?

Switch off the device and restart it after 10 seconds. This will force it to re-establish the connection with the provider. Please retest it with another message.

Buffered The message has been sent, it’s just in the queue for delivery.
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