What is the difference between a Shared and a Dedicated Number?

A Shared Number: A shared number belongs to Darbird and free to use, they are included in every Darbird -account

Dedicated Number: Are exclusively for your use and involve a monthly subscription fee.

For a clear overview of the differences, check out the table below;

Shared Number Dedicated Number
Fixed number? No, a Shared number is a default number generated by a pool of numbers an algorithm that determines which number to send your SMS. Yes, it’s a number owned by you. Several countries and area prefix codes are available. More information can be found here.
Availability Only Default Numbers are currently available Local Numbers Available

This depends on the country and functionalities you’re looking for. More information can be found here.

Costs Free of usage. Based on a monthly subscription, but the costs depend on the country and its functionalities. Full pricing can be found here.
Keywords Keywords are Subjected to Availability.

Per Keyword-based billing

Need to purchase keywords separately

All Keywords are available

Unlimited Keywords & Sub Keywords

Keywords can be resold further

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