General Information

What types of businesses are eligible to use Darbird?

Darbird support almost all type of businesses, organizations and personal use –¬† registered¬†and¬†unregistered – are eligible to use Darbird, including startups, retail businesses, registered churches, registered NGOs, and many many others.

Ineligible businesses

There’s a small handful of business types that we’re unable to serve due to various restrictions. For a full list, please check out your country guidelines.

Businesses eligible to use Darbird

  • Consumer brands
  • Enterprises
  • Banks
  • Media outlets
  • Major airlines
  • Travel agencies
  • Healthcare providers
  • Large consumer websites
  • Retailers etc.
  • NGOs
  • Churches
  • Betting companies
  • Drug stores
  • Financial institutions
  • Schools
  • Agritech businesses
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